If four musicians become too blindly single-minded, are too intensely and exclusively focused on a single thing, it can be bad both personally and artistically.  That is why the four of us decided we needed to form a string quartet, in order to distract us from our baseball obsession.

For us, the Three B’s are “bases, balls and bats.”  “BSO” refers to “balls, strikes and outs.”  “Slide” and “shift” have lots of different connotations.  Baseball remains, without peer, the best game to watch while practicing.

We love baseball.  Between the four of us, we have three different allegiances.  Despite the fact that they have both lived in New York and Boston, Michael and Maria have become smitten with their current hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles.  Ara never lived in Boston but remains true to his childhood crush, the Red Sox.  And Hye-Jin adopted the home team of the first U.S. city she lived in, the Philadelphia Phillies.